Spiral Wound Gasket Markings

Private Labeled Spiral Wound Gasket Kits

Gasket Ring Edge Colors

Metallic Winding Materials
Material Abbreviation Outer Ring Edge Color
304 SS 304 Yellow
316L SS 316 L Green
321 SS 321 Turquoise
347 SS 347 Blue
Monel® MON Orange
Nickel NIC Red
Titanium TI Purple
Alloy 20 A-20 Black
Inconel® 600 INC 600 Gold
Hastelloy® B HAST B Brown
Hastelloy® C HAST C Beige
Incoloy® 800 IN 800 White
Nonmetallic Filler Materials
Material Abbreviation Ring Stripe Color Code
Flexible Graphite FG Gray
Ceramic CER Light Green

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